Sooke Canada Day
July 1 at the Sooke River Flats
Application for Exhibitor FOOD Booth Space - Page 2
Attach to Page 1

Deadline: June 1 (after this date, the fee DOUBLES, IF space available- PHONE )

Food Booths must list foods, beverages and ALL items you wish to sell.
In order to make duplications less likely, we will strive to make food items exclusive to one booth. Attach this page 2 to main application form.
You will be notified PRIOR to application money being accepted which items you are approved for sale. ONLY APPROVED ITEMS MAY BE SOLD.
Once items are approved, fee is non refundable. Food booths must stay open till 7:30
or you can stay open till fireworks at 10 pm if you wish!

Name: ___________________________Business Name: ______________________________

Food Licence Permit Number issued by Van. Island Health Authority Food Permit VIHA or CRD/Health Dept ___________________

Phone:____________________ Fax: __________________

Type of food, beverages and items to be sold










Attach this to main application and send in with your check or MO for Commercial food booth $250
Non profit society fee of _________ depending on items sold.
(Please note: non profit societies must submit proof of registered Non Profit /Society status AND a VIHA Food Permit Van. Island Health Authority food vendor permit) OR, Contact Food Permits for District of Sooke

Please sign application: __________________________________________________

I / we have a food vendor permit # ______________________
Copy of food permit MUST be included with application

Date: _______ Enclosed money order or check for $ _______
Make Check payable to: SOOKE LIONS CLUB
Booth fee is non refundable under any conditions
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